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Based in the heart of Lincolnshire, I am a small Agricultural Machinery Dealer, Contractor and Farmer. I have been building my reputation with my customers for honesty and reliability in the agricultural industry since I left school in 1996.

I am trying to scale back the contracting side to 2 ( maybe 3) Balers - MF2160, MF2270XD (70cm and 90cm high Slab Bales). I also offer Round and Square Bale Wrapping including Twin Packs with McHale 998, Mowing with Front and Rear Krone Mower Conditioners.

I also hire out Farm Equipment including Diggers and offer an on Farm Stone Crushing Service.

Take a look at what I've got and hopefully we can do business...

Cheers George Starling

Due in:

Case 333 Baler. '13. 4 sring 80 *90 Baler.

Dwodeswell MA145 6+1. Onland InFurrow. ****NEW****

MF 30 4m Disc Drill. 23 Coulters.

Miejer 120*70 Twin Bale Sledge


McHale Fusion - max 2 seasons old - with cafeful lady driver!