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Based in the heart of Lincolnshire, I am a small Agricultural Machinery Dealer, Contractor and Farmer. I have been building my reputation with my customers for honesty and reliability in the agricultural industry since I left school in 1996.

I am trying to scale back the contracting side to 2 ( maybe 3) Balers - MF2160, MF2270XD (70cm and 90cm high Slab Bales). I also offer Round and Square Bale Wrapping including Twin Packs with McHale 998, Mowing with Front and Rear Krone Mower Conditioners.

Take a look at what I've got and hopefully we can do business...

Cheers George Starling

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Job Opportunity:

Due to an enforced vacancy an opportunity has arisen for the following:

General Worker / Administrative Assistant

References required to vouch for candidates honesty, integrity and moral values.

There will be development within the company for the candidate once employed who demonstrates all of these qualities.

Please email with your application.